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The «Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise», JSC is one of the leading aero engine manufacturers being a member of the United Engine Corporation (UEC). The enterprise history began in 1932 from production of piston radial engines and aviadiesels for aircraft and from the end of 1940s – beginning of 1950s the plant was the first in production of turbojet engines to power jet fighter aviation. In 1960s – 1970s years practically all fighter aviation of the Russian Air Force was powered with engines produced by Chernyshev MME.

At the beginning of 1980s Chernyshev MME became the head enterprise in production of 4th generation turbojet bypass engines for MiG-29 fighters.

This engine has high thrust-weight ratio, low specific fuel consumption, high gas dynamic stability at all flight conditions, altitudes and speeds including usage of missile and gun weapons.

As a result of design improvement during long operation of several thousand engines the reliability of RD-33 engines last series conforms to international standards. The last engine modifications are equipped with the FADEC type digital engine power control system.

To ensure high accuracy diagnostics of engine condition during its operation the special information-diagnostic ground control system is used. At present the enterprise serious produces RD-33 ser. 2 and 3 engines. RD-33 engines power all MiG-29 fighter modifications. It is in service in 27 countries in the world.

One of the most important directions of enterprise activity is engine overhaul, mainly RD-33 engines of the 1st and 2ndseries. Engines of the 3rd series have begun to arrive for overhaul. The enterprise overhauls also engines of previous generation for MiG-23 and MiG-27 aircraft. The fleet of these engines is rather large all over the world. Geography of engine operation is approximately 30 countries. For many years the enterprise overhauls about hundred engines a year and this tendency is maintained.

Realized by Chernyshev MME the strategy of enterprise development allows joining dynamically developed enterprises of UEC. Orders portfolio including the defense order is formed today at least for future five years and it will provide the enterprise operation at full capacity. Without stopping at achievements the enterprise actively widens production of new engines of perspective types. Carefully thought over the development strategy permits the enterprise to achieve a new quality level.

The present main products of Chernyshev MME are engines for light front line fighters, trainers, helicopters, commuter airliners, light transport aircraft, unmanned air vehicles.

The enterprise jointly with «Климов», JSC has developed several versions of RD-33 engine. It is RD-33MK for the carrier-based MiG-29K fighter. Future application of this engine implies its installation on the MiG-35 light multirole fighter. In comparison with the prototype of the same dimensions and the same weight it has higher thrust and life, it is equipped with the automatic control and monitoring unit. The engine is designed to operate in service on condition. 

 more version of RD-33 is the RD-93 engineThis version is a serious updated modification of the Russian RD-33 turbojet bypass engine with low position of engine accessory drive gear box providing 8300 kgf thrust to power MiG-29 fighters.

In selling aviation products abroad the logistics support plays the main part. Throughout the years of operation the cost of maintenance, spare parts, engine overhaul and services may exceed the cost of the flying vehicles. Therefore any export supply of aviation products creates the required prerequisites for organizing comprehensive maintenance, which strengthens positions of the exporter on the world market.

Jointly with «Klimov», JSC the Chernyshev MME works under the program of developing the RD-33 engine with the thrust vector control. The MiG-29 aircraft powered by RD-33 engines with nozzles of omni-directional 20- degree deflection has unique maneuverability. The aircraft can hover in flight as a helicopter at zero speed and turn for all angles: pitch, yaw and roll. The engine with thrust vector control will widen the export niche of RAC «MiG» in both new aircraft supply and in modernizing MiG-29 fighters available at the armament of many countries all over the world.

Production of VK-2500 helicopter engines is of great importance for the enterprise. They can power Mi-8/ Mi-17, Мi-24,Мi-28, Кa-27/ Ка-28, Ка-32, Ка-50 and other helicopters. Many specialists and market dealers consider that this sector of the world market will gradually be passed to Russian engine manufacturers.

Based on experts’ assessments "Chernyshev MME", JSC can annually produce about 200 engines of this type depending of the export volume of Russian helicopters. Plans for the nearest future foresee to launch series production of the TV7-117V engine. This engine is designed to power helicopters of new generation as well to replace engines on the existed helicopters in order to improve their flight performance.
It is developed on the basis of the certified and series produced turboprop aircraft TV7-117C engine. At present two modifications of 
ТV7-117V and ТV7-117VK engines are developed.

This engine is an engine of new generation: compressor pressure ratio is 16, turbine inlet temperature is 1500 К. High level of operating parameters and high overall efficiency of main assemblies (compressor - 81%, compressor turbine - 88%, free turbine - 92%, full burning in the combustion chamber - 99%) have provided the high level of fuel economy. The engine has large margin of gas dynamic stability. It is of modular designModules can be replaced in service conditions. The engine has large life, simple maintenance and good repairability. It will power the following helicopters:Ка-50,Ка-52(ТV7-117VК), Мi-38(ТV7-117V).


Design features: one-shaft axial-centrifugal compressor consisting of five axial and one centrifugal stages; inlet guide vanes and IGV first two stages are variable; annular reverse-flow combustion chamber;  two-stage axial flow compressor turbine with cooled vanes and blades; two-stage axial free turbine with power shaft backward output (on ТV7-117VК); on modification  ТV7-117V the power shaft is of front output; exhaust pipe with 60-degree turn of flow, (on ТV7-117VК); on modification ТV7-117V the exhaust pipe is designed as axial nozzle; electron-hydromechanical control and monitoring system with developed functions.

The enterprise produces engines to power Il-114 perspective civil aicraft, it is the TVD ТV7-117SM which is a turboprop engine of modular design with variable axial-centrifugal compressor and free turbine. It is the most economic engine of its class with low level of pollutants emission into atmosphere. It is the leader among similar engines in terms of the trust-weight ratio. High level of engine condition quality control is ensured by the developed diagnostics system. The engine is equipped by the FADEC   integral control and monitoring system of the engine and the propeller. The engine hasreceived Type Certificate № 114D.

Jointly with «Klimov», JSC the work is carried out in further its modification; it is the ТV7-117SТ engine to power the military transport Il-112V aircraft. The ТV7-117SТ differs from its predecessor mainly by the compressor centrifugal stage with the so-called covering disc and by some  different regulation laws. Degree of engines unification is about 80%. Production of this engine version does not require principally new large-sized equipment, although manufacturing the closed centrifugal wheel will require new equipment. At present the engine is in process of de-bugging. The ТV7-117V engine, a helicopter version, is also under development on the ТV7-117 basis.

In addition to aviation developments the Chernyshev MME pays great attention to power engineering, enterprise specialists have developed the power plant of 20 Mega Watt power. The work to improve its reliability and life is proceeding.

The great part in quality production of broad range of products, in fulfillment of the present and future orders for aero engines takes re-equipment of the enterprise. Technically complicated contracts today can be fulfilled only by enterprises with stable economic position supplying to the market the demanded products.

Chernyshev MME fully conforms to the requirements of this field. In the interest of maintaining and further growing the production potential the program of large scale technical re-equipment is realized step by step. Accomplishment of this program will allow proceeding to use the up-to-date technologies, the most advanced principles of production organization, to grow production volume without increasing the number of employees.


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