1932 - 1937
The Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Buiding Enterprise was founded in 1932 in Tushino on the basis of aircraft repair shops under Civil Air Fleet General Aviation. Here radial piston engines designed by А. Shvetsov - А. Nazarov - М. Kossov: МG-11, МG-21 and МG-31F (rated from 150 through 330 hp) for light civil aircraft («Steel-2», SH-7 etc.) were manufactured for the first time in our country.

1938 - 1946
During World War II the plant manufactured АN-1, M - 30, Аch-30B (rated from 900 through 1500 hp) aircraft diesel engines designed by A.Charomski –  F.Tulupov - V.Yakovlev to power night bombers Pe-8, Er-2, as well as fro torpedo boats and tanks.

1947 - 1959
The plant mastered the large series production of the first in our country RD-500 turbojet engines (1,6 t thrust) on the basis of «Dervent-V», VK-1 (2,7 t thrust) designed by V.Klimov, which enabled MiG-15 bis interceptor fighter to increase flight range to 2000 km, and MiG-17 front-line fighter to be the first domestic aircraft exceeding the sound speed in level flight.

1947 - 1959
Engines were broadly used on aircraft designed by Ilyushin, Lavochkin, Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Tupolev, Yakovlev. In 1952 the plant launched production of the АМ-5А engine (designed by А.Mikulin), which was installed on the Yak-25 all-weather interceptor fighter.
Sinse 1958  the plant launched the production of R11F-300 engine designed by S.Tumansky ( 6.2 t thrust), that enabled MiG-21 fighter to break the records of airspeed and flight altitude.
At the same time the plant manufacture S2-1150 liquid propellant rocket engines designed by А. Isaev for intercontinental cruise missile  «Burya», production of which was a great contribution into supersonic aviation development.
1960 - 1986
The plant commisioned the series production of R11V-300, R11AF-300, R11F25-300, R27F2M-300, R29-300, R29B-300, R-35 (rated at 3.9 through 13.2 t) powerful two shaft afterburning turbojet engines with compressor supersonic stages designed by S.Tumansky, N. Metshvarishvili - К.Khachaturov. Engines were installed to power high altitude reconnaissance aircraft and supersonic fighters (front-line, interceptors, bombers) of Yakovlev, Mikoyan and Sukhoi Design Bureaux.


RD - 33
Since 1982 the plant has been manufacturing the RD-33 bypass afterburning turbojet aero engine designed by S. Izotov to power the MiG-29 front-line fighter. RD-33 is a bypass two shaft turbojet engine mixing flows in a common afterburner with a variable-area jet nozzle. The engine has low specific weight, high operating turbine inlet temperature.
RD - 33
High temperature rating provides high maneuverability and acceleration performance of the aircraft. Owing to the developed system of active and passive means of increasing gas dynamic stability the engine impose no restrictions on flying the aircraft at the whole range of modes, altitudes and speeds including missiles usage. The engine is equipped with the electronic-hydraulic system of ratings control.

RD - 33
The starting system with oxygen supply permits to start the engine at low oxygen content in air or when gas jets of launched missiles get into the air inlet. The engine is equipped with the system of multipurpose diagnostics of its condition. The RD-33’s high performance was proved by MiG29’s operation in more than 27 countries all over the world and in MiG-29 demo flights at International Air Shows in Farnborough, Le Bourget, Hannover, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Bangalore.

RD - 33
Jointly with the Klimov Design Bureau the plant is constantly upgrading and modifying the RD-33engine. All versions maintain the advantages of the basic RD-33 engine. Today works are carried out in developing the RD-33 engine to increase thrust to 9000 - 10500 kgf, improving engine reliability and life. It is planned to install on new engine versions the thrust vector control nozzle that provides the aircraft with super maneuverability in close combat.
RD - 33 / RD - 33 МК
New engine versions maintain all advantages of the basic RD-33 engine. One of the RD-33engine  version is the RD- 33 МК engine to power the carrier based MiG- 29К fighter. This version possesses improved thrust characteristics.
RD - 93
The turbojet RD-93 engine is a version of RD-33engine. The RD-93 engine differs from the basic engine by low location of the engine accessory gear box and elongated spacer between the turbine and the afterburner defined by overall dimensions of the aircraft fuselage. The RD-93 engine maintains all advantages of the RD-33 engine. The RD-93 engine is designed to modernize one-engine fighters of the 2nd and 3rd generations and is used to power  the single-engine light FC-1fighter.

RD - 1700

The engine is designed on two shaft configuration, it has two stages Fan, four stages High Pressure Compressor and two stages Turbine with cooled blades.

RD - 1700

Within the frame of widening the potential of using the basic RD – 1700 engine it is developing the engine version with the afterburner. It is proved possibility to get thrust within the range of  2000 - 3000 kgf.              
Area of using RD - 1700:
- combat trainer aircraft
- light strike aircraft.

ТV7 - 117 SМ
The ТV7-117SM is a turboprop modular design engine with adjustable axial/centrifugal compressor and free turbine. The engine electronic control system is provided with the standby hydromechanical system. It is designed to power Il-114 regional civil airplanes for local air lines.
ТV7 - 117 SМ
Engine advantages are low fuel consumption and environmentally friendliness. The ТV7-117SМ has Type Certificate №114D. The enterprise has received Manufacturing Certificate № ОP26 – PD permitting to manufacture this engine and it has launched its series production. Possible this engine versions:
- for other flying vehicles,
- for ship propulsions,
- for stationary power plants using different types of fuel.

ТV3 - 117 / VК 2500
The turboshaft engine (ТV7-117V) is designed to power new generation helicopters as well as to replace the engines already installed on existing helicopters in order to improve their flight performance. High level of performance parameters and high efficiency of the main units have ensured high level of engine fuel economy in conformity to the best world standards. The engine features simplicity in maintenance and good repair ability.  At present two versions are developed: ТV7 – 117V and ТV7-117VК.
ТV3 - 117 / VК 2500
The engine possesses large life, simplicity of maintenance and good repairability. It will power helicopters Кa - 50, Кa - 52 (ТV7 – 117VК), Мi-38{ТV7-117V). This engine is the engine of new generation: compressor pressure ration is 16, compressor turbine inlet temperature is 1500К. Unique engine performance and high efficiency of the main units (from 81% to 99%) has ensured the high fuel efficiency. The engine has large margin of gas dynamic stability.

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