RD-33MK engines for MiG-35 aircraft, registration number 712 were manufactured in 2016. Engines operation support including preparation for flight together with RAC «MiG», JSC in Lukhovitsy was provided by the team of permanent representatives of the Chernyshev MME, JSC.

«Our specialists took part in preparation of the aircraft for presentation show and execution aerobatics – says Amir Khakimov, Managing Director of the Chernyshev MME, JSC. – The flight underwent as standard, the flight task was completely fulfilled, no claims to the aircraft power plant operation were made by the test pilots».

RD-33MK is a version of the basic RD-33 engine undergoing a serious design modification. Its characteristic property is the increased thrust. As a result of air flow and turbine inlet temperature rise RD-33MK power is increased 7%. The engine is equipped with the modern digital automatic control system. And all advantages of the basic engine version are maintained, in particular, absence of restrictions in aircraft control in flight and high level of stability to atmospheric disturbances. Owing to the new engine the aircraft can take off from the aircraft carrier deck, execute effectively combat missions under hot climate conditions.

In 2016 UEC completed the contract for production and supply of more than 100 RD-33MK aero engines for Indian Air Force.

The Chernyshev MME, JSC was established in 1932, enters now in UEC, JSC. It manufactures RD-33 engines and its modifications for MiG-29 fighter family. One of the main directions of its activity is overhaul and after-sales support of these engines. Since 2016 the enterprise implemented series production of sets of half-finished parts for VK-2500 engine in cooperation with Klimov, JSC and «UMPO», JSC.

The «United Engine Corporation», JSC (enters into the State Corporation “Rostec”) is an integrated structure specializing in development, series production and service maintenance of engines for military and civil aviation, cosmos programs and the Navy as well as the petroleum-gas and power industries. One direction of the main priority in UEC activity is realization of complex programs of branch enterprises development with implementation new technologies conforming to international standards.

The State Corporation “Rostec”  is a Russian corporation established in 2007  for assistance in development, production and export of high-technological industrial products of civil and military purpose. It includes more than 700 organizations from which at present it is formed 9 holding companies in the defense-industrial complex and 6 in civil industrial branches and also 32 organizations of direct management. The “Rostec” portfolio includes such famous brands as  AVOVAZ, RAMAZ, Kalashnicov Concern, «Helicopters of Russia», VSMPO-AVISMA etc. “Rostec” organizations are located on territories of 60 subjects of the RF and supply products to markets of more than 70 countries. “Rostec” consolidated takings in 2015 achieved 1 trillion 140 milliard rubles. Average month payment in the Corporation in 2015 was 41 000 rubles, tax payments of the Corporation to budgets of all levels exceed 160 milliard rubles. In accordance with the “Rostec” new strategy the main task of the Corporation is to provide technological advantage of Russia on high competitive world markets. The planned volume of investments for developing up to 2025 is 4.3 trillion rubles.


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