Newest digital automatic control and monitoring unit BARK-6V for Mi-38 helicopter engine is certified by Rosaviation

BARK-6V passed successfully the required number of checks and tests under supervision of JSC «UEC-Klimov» independent inspection. The Certificate proves that the Unit is approved to be installed on aviation products and it conforms to the requirements of the qualified basis. BARK-6V refers to the Category A products and conforms to the КТ-160D qualification requirements.

BARK type engine automatic control digital systems performs functions of control and monitoring and owing to application of special algorithms and technical solutions it allows to increase engine reliability, reduce fuel consumption and design weight. The main functions of BARK-6V is to control the engine start, engine operation conditions, restriction of engine limit parameters, engine protection from any possible failures, provision of automatic gaining engine high power conditions, monitoring engine and its systems condition. BARK-6V allows to extend engine hot section life, to increase engine gas dynamic stability on transient conditions and aircraft evolution, to adapt engine control to external conditions, to provide the necessary depth of engine control for its operation as per its technical condition, to reduce significantly weight and volume of units of the system electronic part and aircraft connecting cables.

BARK-6V is designed and series produced in St. Petersburg at JSC «UEC-Klimov». The BARK-6V project assigned life is 12 000 hours, assigned calendar life is 25 years. BARK-6V weight is not more than 5 kg; dimension is 360х235х80 mm, consumed power is not more than 40 Wt.

JSC «UEC-Klimov» — Enterprise of the Russian engine industry branch deals with development and manufacture of gas-turbine engines and control systems for aircraft and helicopters. It includes the design bureau, modern production and experimental bases. The Enterprise has developed helicopter engines TV3-117/VK-2500, VK-2500PS, TV7-117V, aircraft engines RD-33, TV7-117S/SM/ST and their control systems. The UEC-Klimov quality management system is certified as per international standard AS 9100 rev. D. The Enterprise is a member of JSC «United Engine Corporation». It is located in St. Petersburg.


JSC «United Engine Corporation» (is a member of State Corporation Rostech) is an integrated structure specializing on development, series production and servicing engines for military and civil aviation, space programs and navy, as well as for petroleum-gas and power industries. One of the priority directions of UEC activity is realization of complex programs of developing enterprises of this branch with implementation of new technologies corresponding to international standards.

State Corporation Rostech – The Russian corporation set up in 2007 to assist in development, production and export of high technological industrial products of civil and military purpose. It includes more than 700 organizations from which now 11 holding companies are formed in the defence-industrial complex and 4 – in civil branches of industry, and also more than 80 organizations of direct management. Rostech portfolio includes many well known brands such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, "Helicopters of Russia", VSMPO-AVISMA, Uralvagonzavod and so on. Rostech organizations are located on the territories of 60 RF subjects and supply their products for markets of more than 100 countries. Consolidated proceeds of the Rostech in 2017 achieved 1 trillion 589 mlrd. roubles, consolidated pure profit – 121 mlrd. roubles, and EBITDA – 305 mlrd. roubles. Mean wage of the Corporation in 2017 was 46 800 roubles. According to the Rostech strategy the main task of the Corporation is to provide technological advantage of Russia on high competitive world markets. One of the Rostech key tasks is implementation of new technological structure and digitization of Russian economy.


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