1700 kgf


 0.748 kg/kg h

 Air flow

 30 kg/s

 Bypass ratio


 Overall pressure ratio



 1095 mm


 452 mm

 Dry weight

 Not more than 300 kg

 Total technical life

 6000 h

 Hot section life

 4000 h

Time between overhauls 2000 h

The RD-1700 turbojet engine is designed to power trainers and light combat aircraft, it is possible to use it as a propulsion of unmanned air vehicles.
The engine is designed on two shaft principle configuration, it features two stage fan, four stage HP compressor and two stage turbine with cooled blades.
The RD-1700 is developed by Tushino Design Bureau  "Soyuz" jointly with the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) with support of  the Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise that is the manufacturer of this engine. For the RD-1700 the afterburner was developed when using it the engine thrust at full afterburning rating is 2000 kgf (19.61 kN). At present based on the RD-1700 generator the turbojet engine family with thrust to 4000 kgf is being developed.

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