Administration of «Chernyshev MME» ,JCS officially declares the policy in quality to demonstrate its following principles of quality general control and regard constant improvement of the quality management system as (QMS) as strategic direction of its activity ensuring guarantees of attracting users, decreasing risks for customers, activity efficiency and increasing the income of the organization, employment of personnel and increase in their material well-being.
Main goals of the organization are production, delivery, support in service and overhaul of being competitive products, conforming to domestic and international standards with the level of quality and reliability meeting the best way users’ expectations, sales growth in domestic and foreign markets.

Achievements of these goals are supposed to fulfill at the expense of ensuring conformity to the established requirements including requirements of GOST R ISO 9001, GOST R EN 9100, GOST R EN
Н 9110, standards SRPP VT, including GOST RV 15.002 and realizing the main principles of  the QMS :

  • Orientation to the user at the expense of constant study and operative reaction to change of requirements and degree of satisfaction of users, marketing investigations of the market and benchmarketing of competitiveness;
  • Provision the leading position of managers consists in determination of the real policy and goals of the organization in area of quality and responsibility for the taken decisions;
  • Involving all employees of the organization into improving the QMS at the expense of further development of corporation culture, increase of qualification, responsibility and creative activity of employees, training and change of experience  (internal benchmarketing), moral and material stimulation;
  • Systematical and process approach allowing to organize the enterprise activity as the system of processes, that significantly widen opportunities in measuring, analyzing and improvement, increase management promptitude  and production flexibility;
  • Constant improvement of the QMS is planned to realize at the expense of constant implementation of improved processes as per the cycle:   plan  - make  -  control  - improve (PDCA), realization of the system «Economical productionа» directed to increase in production the share of creating valuable actions and struggle against losses, implementation of advanced conceptions, systems and methods of quality control;
  • Taking decisions based on facts is ensured by the system of accumulating, processing and analyzing the data on condition of production processes, introduction of advanced statistical methods, calculation and analysis of risks as per FMEA procedure, updating automatic control systems and information provision;
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers is considered as a main condition of ensuring quality and reliability of the products.

Management of «Chernyshev MME», JSC takes responsibility for realizing the policy in quality, its understanding and support quality priorities by every employee of the enterprise.

V. I. Roditelev

Managing Director

                           «18» May, 2012 

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