Manufacture of shaped rubber technical products

(resistant to oil, gasoline, frost, heat and aggressive medium):

• Rubber sealing rings of round section for hydraulic and pneumatic devises GOST 9833-73. Rubber sealing rings of round section are designed to seal flexible fuel, lubrication and pneumatic devices.
• Rubber sealing collars for hydraulic devices GOST 14696 are designed to seal the gap between cylinder and piston (piston in hydraulic devices operating in reciprocating motion condition relative to movement of not more than 0.5 m/s at pressure to 50 Mpa, temperature from minus 2О0°С, stoke to 10 m and operating frequency to 0.5 Hz.
• Rubber round gaskets.
• Rubber sleeves.
• Rubber rings of rectangular section are designed to be uses in sealing devices.
• Rubber reinforced collars for shafts GOST 8752-79. Collars are designed for shafts operating in mineral oils, water, diesel fuel at excess pressure of 0.05MPa, speed to 20 m/s and temperature from minus 60 to plus 170° depending of the group.


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